Sugar is Sweet

Sugar is Sweet

Written by Alysha (Al) K. Hopcroft

Produced by Garrett Wilson and Kenton Berg

Story Boards by Al K. Hopcroft

Director of Photography Kenton Burg

A small bit where Atom has a flash back of his hard work

Actors Al Hopcroft and Garrett Wilson

Sugar is Sweet script

In the rich life, everything you ever wanted was given to you. The only thing money can’t give you is real love. The only way to get your crush to notice you is to impress them with a skill you don’t have. It’s time to work for love!
As a teenager living in the lap of luxury Atom never had to work for anything. That is until you want to get the girl of his dreams, Erica. Atom has tried everything he could. He grew her, a special rose that could out shine any other, left love notes on her desk. He even joined the Cooking club that Erica was the founder and the president of just to spend time with her. The only problem is he can’t cook at all. He still tries, he take notes in the club diligently, spies on Erica to see if he can figure out another way to get Erica to notice him. One day she brings her little brother to the club to look after him and through a series of event he stumbles on one of Atoms many failed cooking attempts. Feeling depressed that a sweet-toothed six year old doesn’t even like his cookies he’s about to give up until he remembers how much work he put in to his plan to get Erica to notice him.

Sugar is Sweet schedule

Sugar is Sweet budget

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Sugar is Sweet animatic video with audio

Fun facts:

Erica and Charles parents are often over seas for business so Erica has become more of a motherly figure to Charles than a sister.

Erica and Atom have known each other since they were in kindergarten and that’s when Atom developed his crush on her.


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